My mom left me a note

As I was at work for my 11 day shift I came home to a bed filled with gifts from my mom and a note that she left for me to read. Sadly I missed the chance to see my mother and the rest of my family when they came to Utah to spend thanksgiving with my mothers side of the family. But luckily I will see them for Christmas when we fly out to California to visit my dads side of the family. 


I love my mom. I knew she would leave me something but I didn't think it would make me smile this much. A little while back I posted a social experiment to Facebook and asked my Facebook friends and followers to describe me in 3 words. I asked my mom to participate when I had originally posted the question but she said some along the lines of I cannot describe you in 3 words, because you are so much more then just 3 words. I left her be about the topic wishing that she would still decide to add to my little experiment. 1 month later she did come up with 3 words, obviously she spent the whole time in-between the original post and to this note to think of the 3 words she believes describe me most. 

I want to share my mothers note because it makes me really happy.

Dear Arianna,

Three words. I have been thinking about this for awhile(haha, told you) and finally decided on these three words. Here it goes:

1) Pistol

- ie- "she's a pistol." Websters dictionary describes this word as "a notably sharp, spirited or energetic person." This word describes you to a Tee. From the moment you could walk, you would run, or climb a tree, or explore the woods. But it wasn't until Gary-- the landscaper-- saw you in action in Chapel Hill that I put his word into my vocabulary, and as a descriptor of you. I hope you keep this spirit of adventure alive in you for the rest of your life.

2) Joyful  

"experiencing, causing or showing joy: happy." You were the happiest baby I have ever met. I would take you shopping and complete and total strangers were drawn to your 1000 watt smile, and giggle. This joy carried over into your childhood--smiles were joined with hugs. You would hug everyone! I will never forget coming out to see you in wilderness when you were 16-- and seeing you running up through the juniper trees and smiling--and giving me a big "Arianna Hug". The joy that had once gone out of your eyes had returned. That's when I knew you would be okay.

3) Kind

"Affectionate, loving. Having or showing gentle nature and a desire to help others: wanting and liking to do good things and bring happiness to others." Not only are you joyful, but you desire to bring joy to other--as seen by the smiles, the hugs, and the listening ear. When it comes to animals-- you are a truly kind person--just ask those baby squirrels and bunnies that you saved. (You gave a baby bunny CPR and it came back to life, and you stayed up all night to feed the baby squirrels every 4 hours.) Your desire to become a therapist springs from your kind heart, your desire to share the gospel and be a missionary springs from the same place. You are happy and you want to share that happiness with others.

Of course three words cannot encapsulate all that you are. You are so much more.

And I am grateful to be your mom. To be honest it hasn't always been easy though it has always been exciting, joyful and wonderful, if at times stressful. I have learned so much from your example--your adventuresome "pistol", joyful and kind heart.

With love, Always



My heart melts every time I read this. I love you mom. I hope to be as kind and loving as you when I become a mother.

With love,