#MyHardestExperience Project

Hey everyone! So after this week of work I decided I wanted to create a project in which people share the story of the hardest experience of their lives. My inspiration for this project was that this past week at work in Wilderness, we had a group of 9 girls, and we decided to run a group so the girls could get to know each other and relate to each other in a new way by sharing the hardest moment of their lives. The outcome was beautiful. As soon as the first story had been shared, they were all quiet, they were all engaged 100 percent in listening to each other, they cried with each other, they comforted each other. They got real, and they got vulnerable. And It made them all see that they aren't alone. It made me feel like I wasn't alone.

Because we all have struggles, we all have hardships, and we all have our own unique stories and experiences that need to be shared. 

I invite you to join me in this project by sharing your story in a video and tagging it with the #myhardestexperience . I am very excited to share my story and hear yours! I believe that by being vulnerable and sharing your story it will give courage and strength to others who have gone through similar things and give hope to those who are currently going through their hardest moments. 

See my video below!

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