Her Friendship

So Today was the last day that I will see my dear friend Madeleine for a while. She is moving to Vegas(possibly temporarily) but the future is unknown, and I have no idea when I will see her again next. And It sucks and its really sad. But Instead of focusing on how crappy it is that she is leaving Utah and I won't see her for who knows how long. I want to focus on all the positive things! 

So since I moved away to NC at the age of 10, Madeleine and I didn't see and talk to each other until my family would go back to Washington for summer visits. Whenever we would see each other again it was like we had never been apart and we would always pick up where we left off. Which is something that has always existed in our relationship, no matter the distance that separates us, we will always remain best friends and soul sisters. 

And this year for the first time ever since we were 10 years old, we lived in the same town! Its a bit ridiculous how similar Madeleine and I really are for having lived away from each other for such a long time, we catch ourselves saying and thinking the same things, we have the same taste of music, you could say we are both pretty hipster, we both love art, we both sing, we both love exploring, we both use a camera(I do photography and she does film) We both love animals, we both love Asian food(sushi for sure!) and probably a bunch of other stuff. On the other hand we have a lot of differences too, so the balance is the perfect combination to make our friendship so special. 

 Living together here in Provo has been magical! We have done so many awesome and amazing things together! Like start a band, explore Provo and Utah, dream of the future, make each other laugh until we are crying, have meaningful conversations, support each other in hard times and in good times. And we just started the #myhardestmoment project. I don't know how my life would have been if I had moved to Provo and Madeleine wasn't here. She has been my rock and my only friend so far since moving here. On my off shifts from work I spend as much time as physically possible with her. Her leaving is going to be really hard for me. I am used to having long periods of time without speaking to her, but this time she is leaving and I have no one else around. I know people in Provo, but I have no other friends here other then her... so I guess its time I start making friends so I don't die of loneliness, or I'll get my dog to move out here so I can have a cuddle buddy. 

Whatever the future holds, Madeleine and I will always be friends. Because one day we will have daughters who will be best friends, just like how we are best friends of our mothers who are best friends. The family generational friendships must continue. haha.

So you know how much I love photos! So here are some pictures of us since we moved to Utah!

With love,



Pictures from the past