Christmas Break

Unexpectedly I was able to travel home to North Carolina the week before Christmas. It was probably my favorite gift of the season--the ability to travel home to visit with friends and family that I haven't seen since I moved to Utah which was in July. Its crazy how times flies so fast, but no matter how long the time I spend away from my closet friends and family members I know that whenever I will see them again it will feel like it was just yesterday that we spoke in person last. And that is truly beautiful. And something that I never take for granted is the people who really care about me, because they can be hard to find.

Images below taken in North Carolina on my surprise trip home :)

I got to spend 5 days home in NC before my family took off to head to California to celebrate Christmas with my dads relatives. And even though my trip was somewhat short it was great to see everyone! And I will be back in January! From the 8th-22nd!!!

Californian Christmas

Lets just say there are hardly ever any white Christmases in California (at least Southern CA). When we landed at LAX it was 72 degrees outside! Compared to 45-50 degrees that I was acclimated to back in NC, I wasn't expecting 72 degrees in December! I was wearing fall and winter clothes and I was a sweaty mess outside. 

The first day of our trip we spent in LA, my family has a love for Japanese food and culture, so we decided to check out Little Tokyo in downtown LA. 

We had a good time walking around Little Tokyo, but sadly we couldn't stay there forever, we had places to go and people to see.

And then there was traffic... 

Loads and loads of traffic. So much traffic that it took 3+ hours to get from LA to San Bernardino. So we all went a little stir crazy. I would say I went the most bizerk out of everyone in the family and started talking in a British accent saying that random things were "Indigenous to California". It was funny for the first hour but then everyone got annoyed and just wanted me to shut up. So then I tried to sleep in the cramped space of our rental car. Lets just say we were all very irritable by the time we got to our hotel and were beyond relieved to be out of the car and go to sleep.

The next day we decided to drive up to Bear Lake. The view on the way up the road was beautiful! Sadly my dad didn't stop at any of the out croppings on the way up because he thought he would be able to stop at them on the way down(which he was wrong). The drive took about an hour and a half, and none of us had eaten breakfast so once we got to Bear Lake we stopped to get breakfast at this very interesting restaurant called the Log Cabin--they had multiple different cultures of food like French, Southern, German, Italian and classic American food all in one restaurant, and as well they served breakfast, lunch and dinner at all times. Surprisingly we were all quite pleased with our meals, expect for my Brother-- he ordered the ribs at 11 am (obviously they weren't going to be good). 

To capture the moment I took a bunch of selfies with my unhappy brother. 


After Breakfast we continued driving up to find the small downtown area of Bear Lake.

As we were walking around we saw this guy. Who instead of wearing a normal scarf, wears a Komondor  dog instead.

edited (17 of 79).jpg

When we were heading back home we stopped at the lake, where I took pictures of my family and some ducks.

And then I took a bunch of photos of the landscape since we had an amazing view, like this one. To see the rest click here

And then there was Christmas! Which we spent at my Aunts house which was full of buckets of cousins and family members. There was the biggest pile of presents underneath the Christmas tree that I have ever seen! We had a blast talking with each other and opening presents. 

And after opening presents and before Christmas dinner we did a family photoshoot!

And thus concludes my Christmas! I had a great time spending my time off work with friends and family and can't wait until January when I get to go back home!

With love,