Well its a New Year (16 days late)

Happy New Year everyone! Man am I sorry I haven't been posting anything recently. I was at work during New Years and then I flew straight home to North Carolina after my shift ended which was the 7th and I've been busy at home in Chapel Hill with my Family and Friends but I could have made time for my website, I guess I just didn't really feel like it until now!

So sorry for my unwillingness to post anything. I guess I just haven't felt up to creating and writing a blog post in recent days since I guess you could say I'm in a bit of a writing funk of sorts, and surprisingly I haven't posted hardly anything on social media, not even instagram. Something must be wrong with me. 

But nonetheless I will overcome my writing funk and post a ton of things on my website and social media in days to come starting with this blog post about the new year!

Honestly I am still surprised it is 2015, I think I am surprised every year when January 1st comes and the dates change, but this year I think I am a little more surprised then usual. Maybe its because I've been working in wilderness and the weeks seem to fly by much faster then normal, maybe its because this year I turn 20 years old, maybe its because 2014 ended much differently then I had originally planned. But what ever the reason for my disorientation I want to reflect on 2014 and set some goals for myself for 2015. 

As I mentioned above 2014 didn't end exactly like I thought it would. Its funny how we can make all these plans for ourselves, and we think things will turn out one way but then fate or whatever comes around and messes up everything. Coming into 2014 I was nervous, I didn't know exactly what to expect or exactly what I wanted to do with my life. I was in school at VCU, and January marked the 2nd semester of my Arts Foundation Program and this semester was the deciding factor of which major I would be accepted into. Over my holiday break from school beginning in December and ended in mid-January I submitted my art portfolio and applied to get into 1) Interior Design 2) Graphic Design and 3) Photography. 

At the same time as submitting my art portfolio for review I was working on my mission papers to submit in order to serve an 18 month mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. So the beginning of 2014 marked two big things that I thought would determine the rest of my life and my future. (which is funny now because neither of them ended up working out...) So along comes March. March was a crazy month for 3 big reasons. I would find out A) where they were going to send me for my mission B) if I got into the Interior Design major  and the third reason is because I started dating someone for the first time in over a year.

So first came my mission call which arrived at my house in North Carolina on Friday, March 28th. My friend Taylor and I drove from Richmond just to go open it. I was nervous and excited, yet although I was super happy with getting my mission call I felt like something was missing--which eventually led to me deciding to postpone serving my mission indefinitely. 

Next came my acceptance into the Department of Interior design on March 31st, so within a four day span of time two giant things were offered to me. At the time I was focused on finishing out all of my art classes strong and preparing for figuring out what I needed to do school wise and life wise in order to get ready for a mission. As school was coming to a close in May it became apparent to me that serving a mission was not the right thing for me to do anymore. I was sad and disappointed in myself for realizing that I would have to put my mission on hold until further notice. But because I like create back up plans for everything I do, I already had another option. My second option/back up plan was to take time off school, and work at a wilderness therapy program like I had dreamt about doing for years. 

Making this decision was hard and scary and it was a huge leap of faith. But through prayer and lots of thinking and talks with my mother I felt like it was the right thing to do. So I started emailing wilderness companies asking them if I could work for them--most wilderness companies only hire 21 and up, and I was 19 years old which is 2 years younger. But I put my faith in Gods hands and started emailing anyways. At first everyone told me no, so I thought it was all over and I would have to go back to VCU. But then I got an email from the last company I had emailed which was Red Cliff Ascent, the employment adviser said they make exceptions and told me to fill out the application and sign up for July training. 

I celebrated my 19th birthday in the Outer Banks with all my friends from Richmond, it was bittersweet because right when I got back from that trip I would be moving out of Richmond and back to Chapel Hill to pack up and move to Utah in July. The month of June my family went to Walt Disney World and had a great time, then when we came back to Chapel Hill it was a mad scramble to pack up everything I wanted to bring with me that could fit in my car. I ended up leaving a lot of things behind since my car isn't big enough to fit everything I own. And off my mother and I went, driving four days to Provo, Utah to my grandparents house which is where I would be living while working at RCA. At first I had planned to work in wilderness for 6 months, and end in December and come back to Richmond for the spring semester. But one night as I was starring up at the stars inside my sleeping bag I realized I don't want to go back to Richmond. I wanted to stay in wilderness for a year--Until July 2015, and then transfer to a different school to study Therapy instead of Art. 

2014 has been a wild ride, full of confusion, crying and lots of tears, and tons of frustration. Yet at the end of it all it was a good year. Probably one of the harder years I've had in awhile but I believe that everything that has happened, whether it seemed good or bad at the time, all has happened for a reason. 

But Look at me now. I work at a wilderness therapy program for 8 days at a time, I'm saving up a lot more money then I ever have before. I am independent from my parents(at least for the most part), I started a website which I've wanted to do for a long time, I've done way more photography then I have done in years previous--enough to have a website for! I started a band with my best friend--which although is on hold right now-- is freaking awesome! I started a project called #myhardestexperience which hasn't taken off like I want it to, but its still a baby project and hopefully more people will add on to it. Although this year didn't turn out as originally planned I would have to say I think I've accomplished a lot for 2014, so bring it on 2015!