New Year's Goals (24 days late)

Hey guys! 

I haven't blogged in quite some time now, life has been pretty busy planning a wedding in all... haha. 

Lo and behold 2016 is upon us, as we all know by now since today is January 24th. Today I woke up early and decided I wanted to update my entire website. As I was doing that, I also decided that I have some goals for myself as a photographer along with my other yearly goals. 

This year I want to invest myself into my photography. I want to take photos as often as possible so I can get more practice  in order to continue to progress as a photographer. 

I don't want to compare myself to others-- both photography wise and life wise. I want to focus on what I can control, and use others as inspiration instead of saying "Wow, I'll never be that good" 

I want to meet new people and make new friends. Making friends has been really hard for me since I've moved to Utah and some days I feel like no one cares and that I have no friends - which isn't true. I just don't have many friends here. So I hope this year maybe I'll make a few more. 

I want to be more Christ centered in my daily life and my life as a whole. I feel like this is my main, and most important goal of all of 2016 because through Christ is how we can make the most real and true change in our lives. In order to become more Christ centered and Christ like I want to read my scriptures daily, even if its just one verse. 

I want to be more selfless in all that I do, reach out more to others, be a better friend, fiance, daughter and human being. 

I don't want to let the world get to me anymore. I feel like I've been bitter and resentful - not towards any one person, or organization but just at the world as a whole. 2015 has made some pretty huge headlines in the news... I feel like part of me has given up on the world - that there is no hope for good to win when so many bad things and bad people have been triumphant. This year I want to see past the bad in the world to see the good, because it is there, and while awful things will continue to happen, that doesn't mean I have to subject my own happiness to the world.

Because there is good, there is good in God, and in other people, I want to laugh more. I want to feel truly 100% happy. 

I want to be more open minded, more accepting and more emphatic to others. I feel like I am already well ahead of the majority of people when it comes to these 3 things, but there is always room for improvement. We are all HUMAN, with the same needs to be loved, understood and accepted, we all have felt sadness, anger, pain, guilt, love and happiness. Our differences are beautiful, our uniqueness is refreshing. In a world that tries to casts us into little boxes and tries to make it "us against them" we need to step out of those boxes, those judgments and become more open minded as a whole human race. 

I want to go on more adventures. I want to hike to the top of Mt. Timp , drive on dirt roads with my new Jeep, and camp underneath the stars. 

I want to learn how to save money, live frugally and spend less. I want to learn how to coupon, and how to meal prep. 

While I may not accomplish everything that I set out to do this year, I at least just want to try my best. Both in my photography, and in my life. 


What are your goals of 2016? Comment Below!!! Also comment below if you know how to help me with any of my goals, I can use all the help I can get!!! <3