Camping Trip to Topaz Mountain

Over Presidents Day weekend Chase and I decided to try going camping in my jeep out in the middle of nowhere Utah. We decided on Topaz Mountain because we thought it'd be cool if we could find some Topaz or the elusive gem stone--Red Barrell. We found neither. But we had a lot of fun trying, and Aspen had the time of her life running up mountains and exploring where ever she pleased--well as long as we could see her. We transformed the back of my jeep into a make shift bed. We thought it would be decently comfortable and big enough for the three of us, Chase, Aspen and I. But we were wrong. It would have been fine actually, if "puppy-princess" (Chase's new nickname for Aspen) didn't steal both of our pillows and sleep right in the middle of us, making it impossible to stretch our legs all the way. We both didn't sleep very well, but we spent the night talking to each other, and staring out the window at the endless landscape of stars. Something I didn't for see happening was that the entire car fogged up because of our breathing, and the condensation started dripping on us off the sunroof of the Jeep. While we didn't plan very well, and the Jeep didn't make a viable sleeping option, we still had a blast together as a little "family". In 3 months we will be married! Isn't that insane, I am excited to marry my best friend, and has endless adventures together.