Downtown Provo Shoot

Chase and I walked around Downtown Provo, close to where to Provo City Center Temple is and we found some really awesome locations to do photo-shoots! Chase and my dog Aspen are my go to models as I grow and learn and practice photography on a day to day basis. I hope that as time continues, this little business of mine grows and I won't have to constantly ask Chase if I can take photos of him, or make Aspen pose for me when all she wants to do is play fetch. 

I love photography, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I see all these amazing photographers on Facebook and Instagram and they inspire me to go out and shoot, and to not give up. Maybe one day I'll have 10,000 followers like they do, and a photography business that actually makes me a decent income every month because a little extra money would go a long way for a newly married couple! 

Back to the photos!

I took photos of Chase, and he took photos of me! I'm hoping that I can train him well enough in photography that him and I can become a Husband and Wife photography team! Wouldn't that be awesome!