I'm Mrs. Rice now!

Its been two weeks now since Chase and I tied the knot in the Provo City Center Temple! These past two weeks have been an adjustment for both of us, one that I didn't really expect to be as hard as it has been. 

So here are some thoughts as I've found some time to sit down at my computer, edit some photos and reflect on two weeks of marriage.

Planning a wedding is a lot of hard work! Wedding planning is stressful, especially when you add in school, work, family drama, being in a relationship (because those are hard), having a dog who is like a 3 year old child, living situation changes, etc. Some days I was more excited than other days, and some of those other days I thought to myself "what the heck am I doing to myself".

Chase and I have been together for over a year now, which in Mormon Central is strange, but in the rest of the world its still pretty short. We have been talking about getting married since our second month of dating, so we both knew that it was going to happen unless we broke up. To be honest I've been planning this wedding since the summer. I knew I wanted it to be in the spring, and I've been pinning things on my wedding pinterest board for about 8 months, maybe even longer.

Once school ended for the year I finally felt like I could breath again, and then time started flying by! Soon enough my bridesmaids were flying into town, and then it became real. Everything was pretty much finished and ready for the big day except for a few minor details like our nails done, and a few decorations which Kelsey helped me finish with her sorority girl decoration powers! 

The night before the wedding Chase called me sobbing, he was nervous and scared and anxious. And we have all been there, worrying about a really big decision like getting married, or moving, or any other big life changing event. He was in that "worst case scenario" state of mind, saying things like "what if it doesn't work out". I guess that is what cold feet is, just being scared. And I was scared too, but I wasn't going to let his anxiety and my worry get in the way of something that we have both wanted since the beginning of us. His worry and tears struck me like a truck, I wasn't expecting him to freak out, and his worry made me worry about him bailing on me. I told him I couldn't talk to him until he calmed down and got a grip, and that he needed to focus on the good times, and how he felt about me, not on his fear. I hung up the phone and started crying, but thankfully my bridesmaids gave me a big group hug and told me that it will be okay and that Chase is just scared but that he really loves me, and he will figure that out and he will be there tomorrow to become your husband. I took some deep breaths and let it go, and we walked back to our hotel. Chase called me later that night apologizing for his freak out earlier, and he said he loved me and said he was ready for this. I sighed with relief. 

We met at the temple at 7 am, he looked nervous, but happy to see me after a day apart. Inside the celestial room we had the chance to sit and wait and talk to each other before we would be sealed for all time and eternity. I felt so much peace and happiness, I was literally bouncing in my seat, and I couldn't stop crying. Chase finally didn't look nervous, he looked excited as well, and he teared up too. The sealing was beautiful and I could feel the spirit so strong as Chase and I became husband and wife! 

May 7th was a cloudy and partly rainy day, the entire time I was in the temple I was praying that the rain wouldn't be to bad and that it would stop at some point so we could take pictures and so that I could have my bouquet in the photos (my bouquet was made of paper flowers and would get ruined if wet). As we walked outside of the temple doors the rain ceased, and I knew Heavenly Father had answered my prayer. It was seriously too perfect and amazing not to be from God. 

The whole day was really surreal for me, it felt like I was living someone else's life, or that I was in a dream. The luncheon was relaxing and beautiful, and the reception was so much fun! Everything went by so quickly, that by the time Chase and I were walking out through the sparkler sendoff, none of it felt like it had already happened. 

On the drive up to Park City where we stayed for two nights after the wedding, Chase and I talked about how nothing felt any different between us, and we kept saying "can you believe that we are husband and wife now?!?!?". Over the past two weeks we still have that same conversation, of how nothing feels any different, because nothing is different other than my last name, and the fact that we live together now, and one other thing that married couples do. But other than that, we are still just two best friends who are madly in love with each other and get on each others nerves and can make each other laugh until it hurts. 

Living together has been a bit of an adjustment, which I didn't think it would be since Chase and I spent nearly every day together for hours on end. But combining our belongings, and organizing all of our stuff was harder than it sounded. Chase likes things done a certain way and I'm more of the I don't really care where things are as long as its not a complete mess type person, so we've gotten in a few arguments about clutter and cleaning, but now our apartment looks pretty dang good and we have food to eat and things to cook it with! 

I have a feeling that this first year together as a married couple will either be super easy for us, or really difficult. But I think as long as we stick through the good and the bad times, and love each other through actions and words and have continued faith in Christ and put Christ and Heavenly Father first then I know we will be okay no matter what curve balls come our way. 

Two weeks down, an eternity to go ♥∞♥∞

Photos from the wedding are below!!!