Motivation Monday

Just a reminder to never stop doing what you love, because you will get better each time you continue to try!


2010 Photography

  • overexposed & crazy colors
  • not in focus
  • pretty much just crazy and awful

2011 Photography

  • flowers
  • selfies
  • animals
  • a little bit less overexposed 
  • in better focus
  • bland and boring

2012 Photography

  • more selfies
  • nature stuff
  • dogs
  • learning how to edit
  • still not very good
  • do not know how to frame the photo at all

2013 Photography 

  • editing style changes each photo
  • some photos can be good, others NOT SO MUCH
  • over edited
  • learning how to use lightroom and photoshop for the first time ever
  • Discovering Watermarks

2014 Photography

  • moving to Utah, where I hardly knew anyone allowed me to focus a lot more on photography, and I started really trying to improve
  • I got a lot better at editing
  • I started to do real photo shoots of my friends
  • and I used myself as a model, like always #selfiesfordays
  • I made my website & my facebook page!
  • I still suck at framing the photo and posing!
  • But each shoot is noticeably better then the one before! Practice people!!!

2015 Photography

  • Finally learning how to shoot in manual
  • figuring out my camera for once
  • learning what POV means
  • editing style is still changing, since I try new things each shoot
  • I met Chase <3 
  • Started asking people to model for me!

2016 Photography!

  • MY MOM BOUGHT ME A BIG GIRL LENS! ~ Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens
  • Started watching Tutorials
  • following TONS of photographers on instagram to get inspiration
  • using my friends as models!
  • Offering free sessions
  • learning to promote myself
  • committing to actually be a Photographer!
  • creating my own photography business
  • getting my first clients
  • learning how to pose
  • learning how to frame the photo!


This is just so crazy to see on the screen! I am really proud of myself, and I am excited to see just how far I can take this little business and hobby of mine! 

Comment below what you guys think! Show some love <3