My Latest Shenanigans

As I promised I will also be using this website to write blog posts, as well as continuing to use my blogspot blog at the same time. My posts on this website will most likely be less personal and more professional but just as fun to read! :)

So I am probably going to add another page for my music/ and artwork and make it a joint page to share things that I am creating besides photography. 

On my personal Facebook page I did a small experiment to see what my friends thought of me in 3 words or a short sentence, I've always wanted to do something like that just to see what people really had to say about me. Of course 3 words isn't a huge view into what others perspective on me is, but at least I know what attributes others see in me as well as the attributes that I see most present in myself. 

Here was the list:


Adventurous ( 3 times)

Artistic(Artsy) (3 times)



"Perfect for my brother"










I'm glad I finally conducted my small Facebook experiment, I was hoping to get more answers, and maybe a few more comments will trickle in over the next couple of days. But even these answers give me an idea of how I truly come across to the people I hangout with and consider my friends. I try my hardest to be a caring, compassionate person who holds true to her own morals and values and at the same time being open to ideas of others. From these attributes that others saw in me, I must say I feel like I've been doing a pretty good job at being a good person.

If you have 3 words to describe me or a short sentence, please comment below! I would love to really hear what people have to say about me. It can be both positive or constructive.


Also I leave this Tuesday for work and I won't be back until Saturday the 29th, I am working for 11 days this shift, which will for sure be a challenge so keep me in your thoughts, and pray that the weather is stable and no crazy winter storms come a brewing.

With love,