Rice Family Portraits {Personal}

My husband Chase and I have now lived in Richmond for about a year and a half! Man, time flies so quickly! Part of me misses Utah... maybe that's why I still have Utah plates on my Jeep (shush don't tell/I'm getting new ones soon!) But I am happy to be here. Our family went from 3 to 5 since we've been in Virginia, and our newest member is an adorable kitten named Theodore. My photography business has been growing so much, and it makes me so happy! I am still in school...which has taken me longer than I wish it has...but hey that's life and not everything goes according to our plans, and I'm just glad I'm still working towards that degree. We've also moved into a house which we are renting to own (I still need to take photos of it!/once I clean it up and decorate more) So hopefully I will get to that soon!

Here are our attempts at family portraits with our 2 dogs and Theodore the kitten