What's in my camera bag?

My Camera Bag

The camera bag I use is made by VINTA, they are great quality and are really comfortable to carry around. The new series is water resistant and is made for both travel and photography.

Camera Bodies

I first began photography using a Nikon D5100, it was a great starter camera, and I used it for many years before investing in a full frame camera. There is always the debate of which camera company you should go with, for me, I learned on a Nikon and switching to a different camera layout like Canon or Sony would take me a while to get adjusted to, so I decided to stay with what I knew and already loved! I do not subscribe to the notion that Nikon is better than Canon, I feel like it is a personal preference and both Nikon, Canon and Sony make amazing DSLR cameras!

My Lenses

Flashes & Other