Moon Lake adventure

On the day after our 1 year anniversary we drove into the middle of nowhere to meet up with a local photographer and exchange photos! Before we started our 2 and a half hour drive to Duchesne (pronounced Du-Shane btw, not du-ches-nee) we had lunch with my parents at this burger place in Pleasant Grove, Utah called Chubby's and it was so good!!! 

Once we got to Duchesne we met up with local photographer Tereza Thomas Photography and then we drove another 30 minutes to Moon Lake! It was such an awesome experience to shoot with another photographer and exchange photos! Here are some of the photos from our adventure! Scroll all the way down to see the photos she took of Chase and I that I edited!

Amy, Trevor and baby Richter

Amy is another cousin of mine that I got to see while we were in Utah last week, and I finally got to meet her baby Richter! You may have heard the word Richter before when learning about earthquakes but did you know that Richter is a German name meaning judge? How cool! I love watching families grow, and Amy is such a good mother, and Richter is such a chill little guy, I mean just look at that smile! 

Essie & Ashton {Engagements}

These two are perfect for each other! Essie and I have been messaging each other over instagram for awhile now, we planned to meet up and do a collaborative photography/videography contest but sadly that never ended up happening :( Essie is the owner and film maker of Essie Doll Productions   Luckily we had the chance of meeting just this past month, and I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for her and her fiance Ashton! I am so happy for them to tie the knot next summer, and I wish her the best of luck planning out her big day!

with love,