it all started when you were asked that life changing question!

Now you are here! First of all, I want to give you a HUGE congratulations! I bet you are on cloud nine! And probably figuring out just how crazy planning a wedding can be!!

Of course as a photographer—I believe that wedding photos are important, however as someone who has been in this industry for a few years, I’ve learned that the photos from your wedding day are one of the most important parts of the wedding experience, because the soreness of dancing your heart out to your favorite songs with you favorite people will fade, but the photos will last forever. And I believe in capturing authentic moments of emotion, love, and joy that you will look back on for years refreshing your memory of how dang good that cake was…along with how sweet your spouse was of course!

i want to be there, not only as your photographer, but as your new friend, to laugh, cry, and walk you through this crazy process!

  • Packages starting at $2,125 — say what?! And each one is customized just for you!

  • In person consultation or phone call where we can get to know each other and talk about your wedding day vision and what you want out of a photographer.

  • Timeline planning to help make sure that the most important moments have plenty of time to be captured!

Here are some things about me that you should know!

  • I will make sure and take the photos that really matter. The ones that show the real YOU! The intimate moments where you feel nothing but love, the crazy moments where you are getting WILD on the dance floor!

  • I love that moment at the end of the ceremony where you look around processing the fact that you just got married! Where you look at your best friends, your parents and family, and then the biggest smile breaks across your face!

  • I will be right there with everyone on the dance floor, making a fool out of myself, while capturing the best man busting the moves!

  • I LOVE what I do, and I can’t believe that I have the coolest job in the world—capturing your love story!

    If you think we would vibe, fill out the contact form below & tell me all about your wedding, specific dates, venue locations, which package you are interested in, and your love story!

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