Wedding Photography Timeline 

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Ideal Time lengths

Detail shots: rings, shoes, dress shot:  At least 30 minutes for these shots.

Venue shots: If there is a second shooter who is able to be at the locations simultaneously when 1st photographer is capturing getting ready photos, 30 minutes should be given. If just one photographer is hired, then a 30 minute time needs to be built into the schedule for these photos to be taken (if desired). This should be a time where no guests or vendors are at the venue(s).

Getting ready photos: 45 - 60 minutes with Bride and bridesmaids, and 20 - 30 minutes with Groom and groomsmen. 

Individual portraits of the Bride/Groom: For day of wedding individual shots 20 - 30 minutes should be given for both the bride and groom

First look or day of couples session: This is one of the most important parts of the wedding day photography, at least one hour should be dedicated for couples portraits. 

Wedding party - bridesmaids and groomsmen: At least 20 minutes for bridesmaids and 20 minutes for groomsmen

Family portraits: depending on family size, 30 - 60 minutes should be given to take all of the family group shots you desire. 

Ideal Photography Timeline

Morning: photographer arrives as the bridal party arrives or begins to get ready. Photographer will touch base with Bride, explore venue for a few minutes, and begin shooting detail shots, and getting ready photos.

1 -1.5 hours later: getting ready is complete for both Bride and Groom, photographer will begin taking portraits of the girls and of the guys separately -- individual photos of the Bride and Groom will occur during this time period as well.

First look: If you are having a first look it can happen either before or after taking bridal party portraits (I recommend before). This should be a one hour time commitment.

On the way to the Ceremony: ideally, the photographer should arrive 10 - 15 minutes before the wedding party to take photos of the ceremony location set up before guests arrive and to take test shots. 

Ceremony: the ideal time for the ceremony to take place is when the sun is not directly overhead for outdoor weddings. This would be either in the morning before high noon or in the afternoon a few hours after high noon. (Usually 30 minutes)

Group shots after ceremony: Bride and Groom should have a list compiled of all of the group shots they want to be taken after the ceremony. The ideal location for this to take place is outside of the venue, in even shaded light. At least 30 minutes should be given, and at least 60 minutes should be given for larger parties. 

Bride and Groom portraits: after the group shots have been completed, it is now time to take photos of just the two of you (if you didn't have a first look), the ideal location for this would be outside at the venue, or at a nearby location of your choosing. 

On the way to the Reception: If you hired a second photographer, they would leave right after the ceremony to arrive at the venue to take detail shots. If it will just be one photographer, then they should arrive at least 15 minutes before the bridal party does to take detail shots and to set up for the entrance. 

Reception: Bridal Party entrance, first dance, toasts and dinner--during dinner time the photographer(s) will take a break to eat and rest, of course with our cameras near by in case there is something awesome to capture. 

Evening sneak away for couple portraits: before the sun is completely set in the sky, this is a great time to sneak off for 10-30 minutes to get a few more photos of just the bride and groom. 

Return to reception: For the cake cutting, dancing photos, bouquet and garter toss and candid photos of guests and wedding party. 

Sparkler exit: Make sure to give us at least a 20 minute heads up for when the sparkler exit will take place so we can set up our equipment and get the wedding party ready for the big exit!